The works of Lozanov

Learning a language is often equated with hard work, fatigue, stress and sometimes, even boredom.

Experiments, however, have shown that learning in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere promotes the assimilation and memorization of knowledge.

"Elementary, my dear Watson." Sherlock Holmes would say.

Suggesto-pedagogy was born: A method developed from the works of Lozanov, a Bulgarian scientist, whose researches focused on the influence of the environment on the individual and his capacity to memorize.

The Optilangues Method
The optimum memorization

Optilangues is not a school.

70 hours is all your memory needs to learn English easily and retain it.

Using the non-conscious perception - for example, through reading with some classical music in the background - the method stimulates the artistic and effects sensitivity while developing the overall knowledge of the language. The trainees engage themselves in several amusing and stimulating activities.

All throughout the training, each participant permanently plays the role of a foreigner, and he slips into this new identity. This method allows him to actively get involved in the class instead of becoming a passive learner.

The Optilangues method is based on long-term memory, encouraging a very high rate of assimilation and permanent retention of knowledge.

A Language for Communicating
A club to meet others

The convivial quality of the activities and the active participation of all allow each participant to develop his sense of communication in the best and most relaxed way.

Moreover, the Club Optilangues offers to all its trainees the possibility of increasing their knowledge.

- By creating a documentation center where foreign newspapers and magazines bring all required information on international economic trends; and, by bringing together people who share the same concerns, and have acquired the means to communicate well with foreign markets.

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